cosmic mind power courses


Cosmic Mind
Power & Healing - I

Duration: 7 hours (1 day)

Cosmic Mind Power & Healing is a course focussed on spiritual awakening. In our lives while we are busy taking care of our hectic routines, we tend to neglect our spiritual commitments and needs. Thus we somewhere lose the power of our own mind and body. In this course, we help you understand and increase your psychic power. The powers which can help you heal yourself and others. Each and every one of us on planet Earth walks around with this little bubble called the human mind. We help you unleash the power which is within this human mind.

cosmic mind power healing

The course inculcates the following in humans:
a. Knowledge and Balancing of Seven Chakras as mentioned in ancient Indian tradition.
b. Conscious discussions on conscience and self healing.
c. A powerful attunement by touching the crown chakra.
d. Knowledge of psychic powers, mediation and mind control though lecture.
e. How to meditate using Brahma Vidya technique.

f. Knowledge on thought power, thought forms and astral entities through lecture.
g. Practical knowledge on steps of healing and how energy travels through auric bodies.
There are no symbols used during the training. The psychic power of the person increases by 25 to 40 times than what was normally at the beginning of the course. Based on ancient Indian traditions of healing, this energy is extraordinary and benefits an individual holistically.


Cosmic Mind
Power & Healing - II

Duration: 7 hours (1 day)

Cosmic Healing is a science where you learn to connect to the Divine and to the super-natural. Once you learn to connect to your self, next is to go beyond. The next level teaches you to connect to your aura, where the communication is between the two energies. The methods are very simple and the energy used is a combination of energy from the Earth, the Sun and the entire cosmos.

The course inculcates the following in humans:
a. Different breathing techniques for regulation of Cosmic Energy.
b. Knowledge of mental and casual bodies and their healing through colour therapy.
c. How to manage stress using cosmic healing techniques.
d. Psychic diagnosis of blocked Auras.

cosmic mind power healing

e. Use of thought forms for healing.
f. How to focus on hetero-suggestion and auto-suggestion to increase the psychic power.
g. Third-eye stimulation and distant healing.
This course enables us to channelize cosmic energy on a higher level. The flow of cosmic energy in and around the body creates a magical aura which inspires a spiritual journey with worldly matters. It does not detach you from the life which you lead, rather brings you closer to your spiritual self.

During this course, there is an powerful increase in the flow of energy in the participant's body. Healing and energies at this level are beyond bounds and not everyone can attain these higher levels of cosmic power. Level � III as a course is attended by a group of individuals selected by Dr Parameswaran. Those who attend this course are the acquirers of higher psychic powers. The curatives, at this level are none other than your own psychic powers operating at a different levels.

cosmic mind power healing

The course inculcates the following in humans: a. How to combine energies.
b. Purification of three major Nadis.
c. Knowledge about energies of solar system and galaxy.
d. Invocation of angels.
e. Chakras � divine sounds and powers.
f. Invocation of divine Chakras for a deeper level of healing.

g. Hara Healing and Tantra Healing.
h. Mental body healing using fingers.
i. Next Level Initiation: A higher level attunement for purification of higher, finer bodies in the aura.
j. Prana absorption, its distribution in colours and uses.
k. Yoga Nidra- a different relaxation.
l. Cosmic meditation- stress on Kundalini.
m. Creation of thought forms for higher level of healing.
n. Jing Healing � (Third Eye Activation).
o. Knowledge on deeper bodies of Aura.
After the completion of this course, an individual achieves the higher level of psychic powers where they are able to communicate with spiritual energies.


Duration: 7 hours (1 day)

Cosmic Mind Power & Healing for Corporates is a Level � I course. As this course is focussed on spiritual awakening, it helps the employees of an organisation to deal with stress effectively. While the hectic work lives drains our mind, this course helps them achieve an absolute balance. Executives at every level in an organisation should undergo this programme to unleash the actual powers within. This module has helped employees improve professionally and personally.

The course inculcates the following in humans:
a. A powerful healing method and how to use it for their achievements.
b. A good control over mind by understanding methods of Meditation, Breathing, Relaxation, Chakra Balancing, etc. based on ancient Indian Systems.
c. A deep knowledge about stress and related problems and how Cosmic Healing controls it automatically.

business healing through cosmic power in India

d. Leadership and co-operation qualities for better management of an organization.
e. How cosmic energy increases communication, motivation and other skills automatically while maintaining a holistic balance in all dimensions-physical, emotional, social and spiritual
f. To increase intuitive capacity which further helps in sensing problems before hand and getting correct ideas for better management.
g. You get a balanced character and become an integrated individual with a noble personality.
h. An improved physical and mental health for better co-operation of body and mind.
i. Sense of differentiation and optimum utilisation of leadership for creativity and management for action, towards complete success in career.

As the course imparts knowledge on thought forms and powers, it greatly helps man power of an organisation on their decision-making capabilities. They are trained on how to control their mind and increase their potential to concentrate and focus, towards effective decision making. Senior executives from corporate bodies like Airport Authority of India (AAI), Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO) and National Hydro-electric Power Corporation (NHPC), New-Delhi etc underwent the course and benefited immensely.


Duration: 5 hours

Dowsing can be used and applied practically for every situation in life. It is an intuitive guide to know the right actions for life's everyday questions, to get answers for serious problems. With sincere practice and perseverance, you can make dowsing an effective tool to guide you through every day situations as well as a crisis situation smoothly. During this program you learn how to use a metal pendulum to find out, intuitively, answers to various problems.
a. Knowledge on functioning of left and right side of brain.
b. Initial steps of Dowsing.
c. Practical workshop on how to use a pendulum which includes:
i. How to use different charts.
ii. How to frame questions.
iii. How to make your own charts.
iv. How to verify your answers.

pendulum dowsing

The uses of dowsing in daily life can be illustrated as the following :
a. Diagnose the cause of a disease or problem.
b. To select the correct branch of medicine for cure.
c. Possibility of future illness or problem.
d. To know about harmony among people, Partners.
e. To forecast success of a business or profession.
f. Detect defects in "Aura" for better healing.

g. To know suitability of house or office.
h. To detect and know suitable colours for various activities, colour deficiency of a person and suitable colour for success etc.
Dowsing will enable you to intuitively foresee and be alert to take right actions to tackle every situation. It is a technique useful to find out the answers and solutions for problems which are physical, mental, psychological, spiritual or karmic in nature.


Duration: 12 hours

Past life regression and therapy is based on the principle of cause and effect, called �Karma�. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every bad or good deed done in any of our past life, we may face the consequence in this lifetime. Regression shows us the deeds that have been once committed which now have uncomfortable effects in our present life today. During the course you are guided to go back to your different past lives, 5 or 6 times without the use of drugs, rituals etc.

The course inculcates the following in humans:
a. How to go back to your past-life.
b. How to uncover causes of problems and difficulties from past life.
c. How to rewrite and correct the problems and difficulties of present life.
d. How it helps problems including phobias, special disorders, emotional problems, financial and professional problems etc.

Past life regression therapy

The whole concept is based on the fact that all difficulties, problems or diseases of your present life are the after effects of your own deeds in past lives but can be corrected to get favourable results in this life.

This is a procedure conducted under the guidance to re-experience, relive and visualise a former life and find out what went wrong, so as to bring changes in your present life. Dr. Parameswaran, trains you to do the procedure yourself by the end of the program. Use of drugs and ritual during the course is prohibited. You can improve your potential and unlock your latent talents to achieve great success in life.

Tantra, Yantra
and Mantra - I

Duration: 7 hours

Whatever we have to enjoy or to suffer in this life, we have to face head on. We are born with a certain program or destiny. If we desire to achieve beyond our limited program or destiny, we need a way to alter our program. Tantra, yantra and mantra provides the way to unveil our true nature as divine human beings. This is an ancient Indian system based on certain geometric diagrams and sound patterns, which can alter our written program towards better health and success overall.

tantra healing

In Level � I, the course inculcates the following in humans:
a. The basic principles of Tantra.
b. The basics of Yantra and Mantra.
c. Explanation and uses of certain Yantra diagrams.
d. How to combine energies.
e. How to combine Yantra with Mantra.

Tantra is a life approach, which integrates our emotions, senses, love and consciousness. The Divine has written a programmed destiny based on our Karmas for us. The exploration and refinement of this using Tantra unfolds a path to personal development.


Tantra, Yantra
and Mantra - II

Duration: 7 hours

The primary purpose of this program is to learn that life has to be accepted the way it has been written for us.

In Level � II, the course inculcates the following in humans:
a. Advanced details about tantra.
b. Complicated yantras and their deeper details.
c. Uses of more Yantra diagrams and mantras.
d. How to energize yantras with mantras in a systematic way.

mantra healing

Tantra is a way to discover the feeling of wholeness, a way of transformation.


Deeksha is a process that bestows transcendental spiritual knowledge to a person and destroys sin (papa) according to the Indian tantra system of spirituality.

deeksha healing

Five types of deekshas are there in Indian system; by ritual, by touch, by looking, by mind and just by appearance of a Guru. Deekshas are given for different worldly benefits also, apart from spiritual purposes.

The course inculcates the following in humans:
a. Detailed knowledge on types of deekshas.
b. Knowledge about mantra deekshas.
c. How different mantra deekshas takes you closer to worldly benefits like wealth, health, relationships etc.

Our Deeksha course includes an initial Deeksha to participants for channeling them to Deeksha system with a possibility of giving it further to others.



Emotion control is a powerful self-help technique to with-hold emotions and strengthens emotional health. Our emotions need to be as educated as our intellect.

Any kind of emotional trauma contributes greatly to disease, hence it becomes important for us to know how to feel, how to respond, and how to let in spirituality so that it can touch our soul. This course works on reducing or removing emotional impact of instances which further triggers emotional distress.

The course inculcates the following in humans:

emotional healing

a. How to differentiate between positive and negative emotions.
b. How emotions effect on our health, wealth and relationships.
c. How emotions over power our mind with stress.
d. How to control emotions using Indian spiritual methods.
e. How to observe positive outlook in life.