business healing through cosmic power in India


Cosmic Energy Healing

The fundamental principles of cosmic healing are based on the ancient Indian systems of Healing, Yoga and Tantra. In Cosmic healing, a high quantum of energy is drawn into the body of the healer and given out through a palm for correcting and normalising the diseased energy body. This system developed by Dr. Parameswaran, is designed under divine guidance from the higher Intelligences. Cosmic energy, invoked during the healing encompasses three types of energies used in differing proportions according to the need of the person and situation.

The three types are:
1. Kundalini energy from core of the earth acting through base chakra.
2. Prana from the sun, which enters the body through sex or sacral chakra below the umbilicus.
3. Energy from the cosmos entering the body through crown chakra.

This is made possible by the unique initiation given by our founder, Dr. Parameswaran. These consultations with a healer would also allow you to become aware of your own issues and broaden the channel to get cosmic energy.

Emotional Healing

Emotional control is a powerful self-help technique to with-hold and correctly channelise our emotions. It strengthens our emotional health. Our emotions need to be as educated as our intellect. As any kind of emotional trauma contributes greatly to disease, it becomes important for us to know how to feel, how to respond, and how to let in spirituality so that it can touch your soul. This course works on reducing emotional impact of of everyday hectic life and crisis situations which may further trigger emotional distress.

The course inculcates the following in humans:
a. How to differentiate between positive and negative emotions.
b. How emotions effect on our health, wealth and relationships.
c. How emotions over power our mind with stress.
d. How to control emotions using Indian spiritual methods.
e. How to observe positive outlook in life.

Deeksha Healing

Diksha or Deeksha is an ancient word derived from Sanskrit can be translated as a ´┐Żpreparation or consecration for a religious ceremony´┐Ż, giving of a mantra or an initiation by the guru in Indian tradition. When a DIKSHA is given to a person who is not an accepted disciple then it is for the purpose of healing body and soul, while simultaneously shifting and correcting energies inside. This process of healing sends the divine energy (entity) inside and fixes it for a specific time. Diksha thus is a process of setting in motion the positive energies by transferring the divine curative energies into your soul for a specific period and purpose. Dr Parameswaran follows this ancient tradition to heal patients by initiating energies in them through Diksha for the spiritual awakening of a human being fora prosperous hassle free life.

Past Life Therapy

Are you being followed in your dreams?

Do you feel like a victim?

Are you being followed by some evil forces?

Do you not get the desired results?

If questions like these have been a frequent chapter of your life then it is a red alert. While we are busy analysing our positives and negatives, we tend to forget about what is the most important consideration; Karma. It is very likely that our current life problems are a result of our past life deeds. Hence it becomes important to get a past life reading done. During past life therapy sessions, through intuitive methods the root cause of your problem is identified. These healing sessions are conducted in person only. You are guided back into your past lives to visualise and relive the past life situations again. Those unpleasant experiences then become the major points of healing. In this way the script in your memory is rewritten, which results in a complete change in your present life script, for a happy problem free life.

Ritual Healing

Ritual healing is a type of healing done to normalise the imbalances in inner body due to various causes like evil eye, planetary ill effects, karma blocks, curses, black magic etc. Rituals include havans, poojas, continuous mantra chanting etc by learned pundits based on ancient Indian vedic methods. Rituals are selected and the progress is checked by intuitive analysis.

Tantra Healing

Ancient India holds the tradition of Tantric Methods which were used to eliminate problems and achieve success. By Tantra system, a Yantra, (mystical and geometrical diagram) is selected based on your present day problems. Then a Mantra is selected to activate and energise your Yantra. Both Yantra and Mantra are then sent to you with instructions on how to use the same. The use of this traditional healing therapy helps you to get protection from evil forces. Every Yantra given to an individual is already energised with a cosmic power. The placement of this Yantra at a right place brings a whole shift in your life pattern with desired results.