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How to tune cosmic energy

The World Cosmic Foundation is a spiritual pursuit of Dr Parameswaran who has mastered the art of healing through cosmic energy.

Dr Parameswaran has extensive knowledge of Allopathy and Acupuncture. He is the master healer and founder of World Cosmic Foundation. As an enthusiastic spiritual coach his efforts are dedicated to the healing of mind, body and spirit. With most of his time apportioned for the spiritual enlightenment of mankind, he advocates the lasting truth of the universe that the power of cosmic energy forms the force of life in all its forms.

Cosmic healing is a way of life, which leads to eternal joy.

- Dr. Parameswaran

founder of world cosmic foundation

To propound his cosmic energy resources beyond the shorelines he has formulated �Cosmic Mind Power & Healing� course for people across the globe. Through his elevated psychic powers he can identify the core issues and devise transcendental healing techniques to give lasting solutions.

He uses divine cosmic energy to heal and bring into balance any anomalies. The distance from the individual and size of anomaly does not matter. Being a practising Allopath for 40 years, he has combined medical treatments with cosmic healing to restore health of many globally. He was the first person in India to give telepathic healing to people en masse through a television channel on a regular basis.

As an enlightened soul, Dr. Parameswaran can increase your psychic or intuitive abilities and open up your chakras through a onetime initiation. The spiritual followers learn how to channelize the cosmic energy all around for their own good.

We welcome enthusiasts from all corners of the world to be a part of our organisation and adopt cosmic healing as a way of life. You can volunteer to become the lead representative from your country once you acquire the cosmic energy healing lessons under the guidance of Dr Parameswaran.

Our mission is to inspire and facilitate healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

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