Past Life Regression Therapy

What is
Past Life?

Are you being followed in your dreams?
Do you feel like a victim?
Are you being followed by some evil forces?
Do you not get the desired results?
If questions like these have been a frequent chapter of your life then it is a red alert. While we are busy analysing our positives and negatives, we tend to forget about what is the most important consideration; Karma. It is very likely that our current life problems are a result of our past life deeds. Hence it becomes important to get a past life reading done. During past life therapy sessions, through intuitive methods the root cause of your problem is identified. These healing sessions are conducted in person only. You are guided back into your past lives to visualise and relive the past life situations again. Those unpleasant experiences then become the major points of healing. In this way the script in your memory is rewritten, which results in a complete change in your present life script, for a happy problem free life.


What is Past
Life Reading?

Karma is the key to the lives we lead. Your present life script is the result of your past life deeds. Through past life reading we help individuals come to peace with their past. Present day illnesses, discomforts and unwanted obstacles can be a result of deeds in one of your past lives. A past life reading earmarks an opportunity to get introduced to your past. Your karma never loses its address. Hence it is important for you to be aware of what is affecting your life and in what form. The ripples created by your past deeds maybe responsible for your present traumatic experiences. We can help you to go back to your past life to change your present life script into a healthier one.


What is Past Life
Regression Therapy?

Past life regression and therapy is based on the principle of cause and effect, called �Karma�. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every bad or good deed done in any of our past life, we may face the consequence in this lifetime. Regression shows us the deeds that have been once committed which now have uncomfortable effects in our present life today. During the course you are guided to go back to your different past lives, 5 or 6 times without the use of drugs, rituals etc. The course inculcates the following in humans:
a. How to go back to your past-life.
b. How to uncover causes of problems and difficulties from past life.
c. How to rewrite and correct the problems and difficulties of present life.
d. How it helps problems including phobias, special disorders, emotional problems, financial and professional problems etc.
The whole concept is based on the fact that all difficulties, problems or diseases of your present life are the after effects of your own deeds in past lives but can be corrected to get favourable results in this life. This is a procedure conducted under the guidance to re-experience, relive and visualise a former life and find out what went wrong, so as to bring changes in your present life. Dr. Parameswaran, trains you to do the procedure yourself by the end of the program. Use of drugs and ritual during the course is prohibited. You can improve your potential and unlock your latent talents to achieve great success in life.